Cell-phone service the cheapskates will love

A Down-Under version of Jack Black with Andy Rooney eyebrows stars in Whybin\TBWA's "It's alright to be tight" campaign for Comtel Just Prepaid cell-phone service. "Tight" can sometimes mean drunk, and these ads are Australian, so it is kind of a surprise that everyone stays sober. "Tight" here means miserly. In the spot above, our shaggy, cheapskate hero seeks the cheapest arrangement for a relative's funeral. ("How much for just the hole?") In one of the spots below, he comes across flowers on a roadside pole and deadpans that he's found a gift for his mum's birthday. The actor's spot-on portrayal is repugnant and appealing at the same time: We'd never want to be associated with such a crass doofus, but we all sometimes wish we could behave like he does and get away with it. Via Adland.

—Posted by David Gianatasio