CBS has some fun with March Madness boss-fooling spreadsheet

I’m keeping an eye on the March Madness games on CBS Sportsline today, and one of my favorite features of the media player is its red “Boss Button.” The idea is, if you’re watching at work and the boss comes by, you can click on the Boss Button, and an innocent-looking spreadsheet magically appears. I’m working from home, so I don’t really need the Boss Button—but I clicked on it anyway, and below the sea of numbers are some fun little blurbs, made to look like the user’s notes. We wonder what CBS’s Charlotte, N.C., affliate thinks of line 25 (“Whose idea was it to open a plant in Charlotte?”). And line 24 is great, too: “What the heck is going on in San Francisco?”—something we’ve all asked ourselves at some point or other.

—Posted by Tim Nudd