Cats Have Insane Conspiracy Theories About What We Do With Their Poop

PetSafe rolls out 'Catspiracy' sequel for self-cleaning litter box

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There’s a reason why the rich and powerful throughout history have always had feline companions. And there’s an explanation for all the time people spend these days watching wacky cat videos online.

It’s just not what you think.

Humans may be obsessed with these adorable, camera-ready four-legged creatures, but there’s more to the symbiotic relationship than meets the eye.

Ready for it? There’s a mint to be made off cat crap.


Several paranoid kitties seed their suspicions about waste collection and profit motive in a purposely absurd new video for the PetSafe brand dubbed “Catspiracy 2: Digging Deeper into the ScoopFree Poop Harvesting Machine.”

The furry catspiracy theorists who narrate the digital ad include Cindy Clawford, a British short hair, and a tabby named Roswell. You know where this is going, right? Aliens are most likely involved in the global cover-up, which reaches from Area 51 to the moon and back.

People have been making “big business out of stockpiling our business,” says Roswell. So it’s not love and devotion but dollars and cents that drives the world’s pet parents. Or maybe they just want a crap-free litter box. Or maybe they’re part of the Illuminati?

The mini-movie, narrated from the cats’ point of view and purported aimed at the feline population that’s still blissfully in the dark about their valuable turds and the monsters who steal them, comes from agency Humanaut. It promotes a product, the ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Litter Box, that “rakes our pooh away so they can rake in the billions,” the kitties say, noting that the “automatic high-tech robot” collects turds around the clock “so humans can sell them in bulk and store them on the moon.”

“Catspiracy 2” is the sequel to a cheeky commercial that debuted in 2016. After it went viral with some 3 million YouTube views, “people were actually asking in the comments to see the sequel,” said agency chief creative officer David Littlejohn.

Along with the video, Humanaut has created Catspiracy memes for social media, spoofing real conspiracy theory websites with intentionally low-rent early-internet designs.

Client: PetSafe
Agency: Humanaut
Campaign Title: Catspiracy 2

Chief Creative Director: David Littlejohn
Chief Strategist: Andrew Clark
Senior Integrated Producer: Tommy Wilson
Director of Content: Dan Jacobs
Account Supervisor: Michelle Sturgis
Creative Director: Andy Pearson, Liza Behles
Copywriter: Andy Pearson, Liza Behles, David Littlejohn, Alana Questell
Art Director: Nik Daum
Designer: Carrie Warren
Design Director: Stephanie Gelabert

Production Company: Humanaut Productions
Director: Dan Jacobs
Producer: Tommy Wilson
Associate Producer: Caroline Jewell
Director of Photography: Sean Webley

Post Production: Fancy Rhino
Post Producer: Katie Nelson
Lead Editor: Kyler Potter
Assistant Editors: Tyler Beasley, Matt Hadley
Colorist: Matt Hadley

Media: Redwood Inc.

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