Carlsberg Makes the Most NFSW Ad Ever, Along With a Few Other Gems

It's also pretty great at karaoke, probably

Carlsberg doesn't do things half-ass. If the Danish brewer is going to do something, it will make it the best in the world—at least, according to three new ads admitting that might not actually be true at all.

The campaign, by 72andSunny in Amsterdam and the new Copenhagen office of New York's MacGuffin Films, imagines what would happen if Carlsberg made erotic dramas, sang karaoke or taught language courses. In each, it would excel—"probably," the ads say.

The campaign marks the return of the famous "If Carlsberg Did" theme after an absence of four years. "Carlsberg beer is made by natural, unique ingredients, and MacGuffin have helped us make these come to life in a refreshing and indulging way. Hereby, the beer itself is put on a pedestal, just where we think it should be. Probably," says Carlsberg director of strategy and innovation Didrik Fjeldstad.

See the other spots below.


Client: Carlsberg

Spot: "If Carlsberg Did"

Agency: 72andSunny, Amsterdam

Production Company: MacGuffin Films, New York

Director: Nick Fuglestad

Executive Producer: Sam Wool

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