Can’t Figure Out What to Watch? Take a Spin With Netflix Roulette

Developer gets streaming service's attention by refining results

Once you're done binging on Orange Is the New Black and Scandal, browsing Netflix can start to feel like rummaging through the discount DVD bin at Target. But now there's an easier way to cut through the clutter.

If you feel like you've already seen all the good stuff (and all of the slightly above mediocre stuff), you might want to try Netflix Roulette.

Developer Andrew Sampson created the API-driven website to help you find new movies and shows based on your own criteria. You can filter by genre, rating, director, actor or keyword, then just hit "spin." The app displays a show or a movie for you to watch, and if you don't like it, you can spin again.

Sampson's reportedly been contacted by a recruiter at Netflix, and he's been featured by news outlets including The Huffington Post and Time, so maybe this side project will turn into something quite a bit bigger. Don't listen to Wesley Snipes. Always bet on red!

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.