Can’t Decide What to Netflix Next? This Ad Has a Few (Dozen) Helpful Suggestions

Mourning a show you just finished? Oh, there's more

Bingeing on your favorite TV shows and movies can be a blast, but the existential emptiness that follows after finishing a season—or a whole series—can be sheer hell.

Need help? Netflix has the solution: Pick something new to watch.

But which title would be just right? you ask. "The List," a 90-second spot from TBWA\Chiat\Day, explores this particular strand of first-world angst with a self-consciously kooky pair who need a fresh TV show or movie to stream. 

Will it be Bloodline? Peaky Blinders? Narcos? Sense8? Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe? Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work? How to Get Away With Murder? Nikita? The Carrie Diaries? Murder She Wrote? Heathers? Ferris Bueller's Day Off? Saved By the Bell? Glee?

The dude in the commercial trots out a seemingly endless string of possibilities as he and his gal pal—they're "best friends"—do yoga, play cards, bounce on a trampoline, climb trees, sunbathe, take a cooking class and go clubbing, among other activities. (When do they even have time to watch the tube? Does anyone still call it the tube?) 

Meanwhile, our heroine despondently mulls the options, distracting us with her distant resemblance to Alyson Hannigan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and How I Met Your Mother—neither of which appear on the list, in case you wondered. 

Clay Weiner's wry, breathless direction drives home the silly spot's punch line, which we didn't see coming. Then again, we aren't nearly as sharp as we used to be, probably because binge-watching so much TV has muddled our brains. 

Anywho, bottom line: This video won't help you pick a new show. It serves more to magnify a common problem, then flagrantly showboats the scope of Netflix's selection. But if you've just finished a binge and don't know what to watch next, you can always take up this fun and useful DIY project while trying to decide. 


Client: Netflix

Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day

Fabio Costa: Executive Creative Director

Matthew Woodhams-Roberts, Dave Horton: Creative Directors

Liz Cartwright, Stephen Lum: Associate Creative Directors

Peter Bassett: Director of Production

Kristin McCarron: Producer

Tyra Hillsten: Brand Leader

Sarah Lamberson: Brand Director

Desiree Perez: Brand Manager

Steve Smith: Associate Brand Manager

Rohit Thawani: Director of Digital and Social Strategy

Gary Klugman: Planning Director

Emilie Arrive: Senior Digital Strategist

Lauren Maddox: Digital Strategist

Mimi Hirsch: Senior Business Affairs Manager

Production Company: Biscuit

Clay Weiner: Director

Shawn Lacy: Managing Director

Holly Vega: Executive Producer

Lisa Stockdale: Producer

Editorial: Rock Paper Scissors

Christjan Jordan: Editor

Pieter Viljoen: Assistant Editor

Helena Lee: Producer

Telecine: The Mill

Adam Scott: Senior Colorist

Mix: Lime

Joel Waters: Mixer

Joanna Taylor: Producer

A52: Finishing & VFX

Heather Johann: Producer