Cannes Podcast: Inside the Mind of the DJ That Brands Booked All Week Long

From the Twitter party to Nielsen's yacht, Mick Batyske is a festival favorite

Mick Batyske was a nightly presence at major Cannes Lions parties this week.

CANNES, France—Mick Batyske had a busy week in the south of France, where he’s been the DJ for some of the biggest parties at the Cannes Lions.

He was the musical maestro of events for Twitter, Pinterest, Nielsen and more. And while being the frontman at multiple events during the high-profile creative festival is certainly a coveted job, it also carries its share of challenges—like keeping your set fresh for crowds who might attend multiple parties where Batyske is spinning.

Luckily, he tells Adweek’s podcast in a special Cannes Lions episode, brands typically give him the freedom to change things up to suit everything from the crowd’s mood and the time of day to the brand’s image and the scenic backdrop of the location.

“As long as you don’t try to alienate a brand, you can pretty much have a lot of leeway, musically,” he tells the Adweek podcast, “because everyone just wants to have a good time.”

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