Canada Gets a Little More Violent in Spoof Tourism Ad

Canadian tourism advertising takes a violent turn in Jimmy Kimmel's faux commercial that uses footage from the riots in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup finals. A voiceover informs us that in the land of strip malls and snow, "The people aren't nice anymore." If you check out last year's disturbing spot for Idle Free Calgary, you'll see that Canadians have been pissy for some time. Last week, after the Canucks lost in seven games to the Boston Bruins, some stick-wielding, puck-headed hosers ran amok. And I'm not talking about the team but its fans, who set fires, overturned cars and destroyed storefronts. Through the years, I've razzed Canadians a bit here on AdFreak. But after this, I'm changing my tune. I shall no longer demean our neighbors by calling them hosers. Losers is more like it.