Can You Spot the BS Headlines in This Clickbait Quiz?

CentUp mocks the idiocy of today's hottest content

With so many clickbait headlines flooding social media these days—promising to blow your mind, make you cry or change your life forever—have we reached a point where people will literally believe anything?

That's the question behind Headlines Against Humanity, a quiz that asks you to guess which of two Upworthy-esque headlines is real. Here's a sample comparison: "A Three-Hour Orgasm Sent This Woman to Hospital" versus "New Study: Apricots May Help Cure Glaucoma." (Spoiler alert: The orgasm was real.)

The quiz, named in a clear homage to popular game Cards Against Humanity, was created by the team at CentUp, a sort of tip jar/share button combination that lets readers give a few pennies to their favorite websites, which split the contribution with a charity.

In explaining Headlines Against Humanity, CentUp says it wanted to highlight the silly, often-disingenuous approach many sites now take in repackaging vapid content to get maximum clicks.

"Clickbaity headlines are taking over the Web. Today, publishers make more money from quantity than quality. They're incentivized to manipulate lots of people into clicking on a headline instead of getting engaged readers," CentUp stated. "The average pageview today is worth .003 cents. Maybe instead of paying this minuscule amount for crap we don't really care about, we give a few cents to stuff that we do?"