Can You Design a Less Atrocious Label for Dr. Bronner’s Soap?

It may be magic, but it's agony on the eyes

Dr. Bronner's soaps might be great, but their package design is so awful that it's almost become a badge of courage for the brand. The labels—whose content, not just design, was once described incisively by this very blog as "crass-ass"—certainly could stand to be a little cleaner. But All-One-Typography's precious design feelings are so hurt that they're actually hosting an unofficial (i.e., not brand-sponsored) contest to redesign Dr. Bronner's labels. I know I often buy products based solely on how much they annoy typographers. However, I'm also curious to see what contestants come up with for what I've heard is darn good soap. Via Adverve. UPDATE: On AdFreak's Facebook page, Dr. Bronner's responds: "We in fact did try to simplify the label a few years ago, for a new line of products that we were introducing. We found that although we loved the sleek new look, that customers did not recognize the product as being a Dr. Bronner's product, and that the way-to-small text crammed onto the label had become, well, iconic and synonymous with our brand. We decided to give all our products the 'classic' look and ditch the slick re-design. As some design folks have pointed out, our label might just be one of those things that is 'so bad, it's good :-)" David Kiefaber is a frequent contributor to Adweek's creativity blog, AdFreak.