Calvin Klein needs to ramp up its raciness

So Calvin Klein went and put a QR code over the billboard on Houston Street where past racy ads have caused predictable scandals. Scanning the code lets you get uncensored content on your phone, and it was a fabulous idea. The problem was that the content that was revealed, shown below (at least until YouTube pulls it), was barely racy. I think I saw .5 seconds of titties, and the abs were backlit and grainy. Let me explain something to you CK: two people making out is no longer enough, even when it gets three-way for a fleeting moment. I mean, the threesome is already so mainstream in advertising (Hornitos, Jimmy John's, half of everything ever done by Axe) that a place like Joe’s Crab Shack doesn’t balk at implying an FFFM. Meanwhile, the German tech sector is already ratcheting up to FFFFFFM. You really have to go four or more if you still want a chance at shocking, particularly when your last billboard in that very spot had a four-way. You know, you brought this on yourself, conditioning us to expect more and more perverted content from CK every time. But face it, Perrier is beating you for sex appeal right now. Perrier. They make water. Step it up, CK.

@rebeccacullers Rebecca Cullers is a contributor to Adweek.