Bushy-faced inventors truly love their Legos

This three-minute Lego video by Pereira & O'Dell celebrates "eureka moments" when big ideas are born. It features a struggling inventor whose bushy mustache looks like it escaped from the new Sherlock Holmes movie. What's that circus-y music playing on the soundtrack? Is that a calliope? Maybe if that music would stop, the guy could finish inventing his human-flight machine in peace. (The clip promotes a new Lego community at LegoClick.com, designed to foster "innovative ideas, artistic creations and new concepts.") Look, I know the video is meant to be fanciful, and it looks nice, but it drags on a bit. And the ending, for me at least, seems strangely downbeat. OK, his Lego portrait hangs on a wall of honor. Has he died? Is musty museum fame his big reward? Perhaps I am just bitter. I played with Legos all the time as a kid, and everything I tried to build—from farms to race cars to rocket ships—ended up a mutant jumble of parts, and was inevitably hurled against the wall or kicked across the floor in frustration. Happy now, Lego?

—Posted by David Gianatasio