Buses and Trains Are OK, but Mass Transit Could Use a Few Giant Waterslides

A British city preps for a test

Artist Luke Jerram is turning one street in Bristol, England—specifically, Park Street—into a giant waterslide for a day. Sanitary issues aside (what happens when pigeons crap in it?), the stunt is meant to raise questions about urban planning and how to avoid the high costs of traditional infrastructure.

"Park and Slide will be a unique and memorable once in a lifetime experience and asks people to take a fresh look at the potential of their city and the possibilities for transformation," he writes on his website. "Imagine if there were permanent slides right across Bristol: linking Clifton with Hotwells; Cotham with Stokes Croft. This is our city, and maybe it's up to us to shape its future?"

I'd love to bring this guy to the U.S. just so he can freak out an entire country's worth of city councils that still think light rail is a left-field idea.

Jerram has raised £3,217 of his goal of £5,618 so far.