Burgers for life, with only a little downside

Man, Wendy’s has a lot of Web sites up these days. This time we’re looking at Hot Juicy Burger, a “social networking” affair in which people broadcast their need for a hot, juicy burger using a customizable red-wigged avatar. Other features include an irritating clip of dramatic music that never stops, and the chance to win free Wendy’s hamburgers for life. The free grub not easy to secure. “There are different point values assigned to a variety of tasks, such as getting as many people as possible to click on your avatar, posting your avatar on your Facebook page, logging on more frequently, etc.” This contest, like many others before it, turns out to be less about having customers express their feelings about the brand and more about rewarding them for allowing themselves to be annoyed. And I thought we were still supposed to be singing about their burgers, anyway. Could you keep it to one dim idea at a time?

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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