Burger King Tests Home Delivery

But are you getting what's advertised?

It's about time somebody cut out those pesky steps between wanting and receiving a supersized bag of fat and calories. Burger King to the rescue!? The No. 2 fast-food chain has started delivering Whoppers and much of the rest of its menu right to people's doors in the Washington, D.C., area, reports USA Today. It's a soft launch, so to speak, for a program that may roll out nationally. (Insert as many waistline jokes here as you wish.) And to remind us of what we're actually eating, a photographer-blogger has released a series of pictures comparing advertised images of fast food side by side with the real thing. It's a more sophisticated—and much better lit—version of what's come before, judging strictly on size and not beauty. The Whopper fails miserably at both, even though blogger Dario D. shot from the "most attractive angle" and "fluffed up" the product. Check it out, AdFreak readers, and let us know if this is appetizing enough to place an order. Silver platter not included.