Burger King Is Launching a Video Game Food Delivery Service in Spain. We Went There to Test It

Pro gamers battle you on PlayStation, then take your order

Burger King Spain is looking to level up in esports and gaming. And it’s getting a lot of help from the gaming industry itself.

In its first-ever collaboration with Sony Interactive Entertainment, the brand officially launches “Burger Clan,” the creative fruit of LOLA MullenLowe,on April 28. The campaign features nine professional gamers representing FIFA ’17, Call of Duty … and a certain action/adventure game that probably inspired you to hijack cars when you were going through your Ragey Phase.

In essence, “Burger Clan” makes use of the brand’s existing home delivery service—except it’s the gamers who’ll take your order, every weekend through May 21.

Hungry? Why wait? (Sorry, Snickers.)

From Friday to Sunday, one gamer from each of the games will be available to play live with Spanish users on PlayStation Plus. If losing to Herzex makes you hangry, take advantage: The FIFA world champion will pass your dire need for nuggets to a Burger King employee standing by, and your food will appear before you’ve even had the chance to throw your controller across the room.

Here’s how it works:

“‘Burger Clan’ is a totally disruptive and creative action, not only in the food sector, but also in the video game industry. It creates a great balance between usefulness and fun,” says Bianca Shen Leme, marketing director at Burger King Spain. “As a brand, we love doing things differently, and we believe that ‘Burger Clan’ responds to this purpose. It’s a great example of how we like to act as a company.”

To play (and give orders—literally!), users must have a PlayStation Plus account. Gamers have all created special handles for the campaign.

Call of Duty is represented by BK_Glaaix—for Glaaix, captain of Team MRN; BK_Buka; and BK_Gamer_1. For FIFA, you may find yourself head-to-head with two-time European sub-championship winner BK_Ferperry, BK_Herzex (a two-time world champion) and BK_Galloso, who’s in Spain’s FIFA Top 10. Lastly come the action/adventure champs: BK_Sammy, BK_Bea and BK_Masa.

Because of how well things went last time I was sent into the field, I traveled from my home in Paris to Madrid this week to test it out. I actually found myself faced off with Carlos Masa on Monday, testing both his ordering capacity and his patience. Here I am, about to say a word that kids shouldn’t hear.

And Masa, too cool for school, shortly after taking my order and passing it to the nice woman on the right:

Masa had set up a super-simple racing scenario. Not only did I never figure out how I trapped myself in a van while everyone else had 4x4s, I also never succeeded in finding the track. Instead I wandered off, maverick-style, and destroyed my character in a nearby beach. Out of shame.

Masa: “Do you want to try again…?” No, Masa, I want my chicken sandwich.

Here’s the setup. It’s stationed at Burger King’s 69 Gran Vía location, right in the heart of Madrid.

And here it is with people! (Well, journalists.) In this test round preceding launch, the fast-food brand housed the talents of Ferperry, GameR697 (Iván Lalov, playing on PlayStation Plus as BK_Gamer_1) and Masa.

The campaign’s four weekends will serve as a pilot before potentially rolling out more broadly.

After testing the demo, I sat with BK’s Leme and Jorge Huguet, marketing director at Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain and Portugal (PlayStation), to ask a few questions about “Burger Clan.”

AdFreak: Tell us how the campaign came into being.
Leme: We had lots of demand in our social networks, asking why Burger King hasn’t done anything with gamers. We had ideas, but it’s difficult to find something unique. Everybody’s done something. In our case, we studied a lot, then LOLA came with the idea. It was totally connected with what we wanted—something unique, powerful, edgy and that strengthens the brand. It’s made specifically for [the gaming community].

We put a plan in place. We wanted to have the best—PlayStation—and didn’t know if they were going to accept us! But we needed to be with them; it was mandatory for the success of the activation. We went to present, and they loved the idea.

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