Burger King Ad From Russia Is a Heap of Flame-Broiled Insanity

How do you like your unicorn meat?

How many times have I pledged that I would eat at Burger King if only it played rap music and had unicorns, ballerinas, dancing tattooed hipsters, fire-breathing chefs and a D.J. spinning a "hamburger platter" on his turntable? This utterly insane Russian BK spot, reportedly starring the cast of Moscow's popular hip-hop musical Cops on Fire, is a viral hit with nearly half a million views. And it's snagged plenty of buzz in the blogosphere, with folks generally lauding its manic zaniness. Of course, the most exciting stuff that happens at real BK restaurants is when they get your order right or the restroom's been cleaned in the past two weeks. Still, it's OK to dream. And this is one Whopper that comes with the works. Via Adverve.

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