Budweiser's 'Buddy Cup' Might Be the Dumbest High-Tech Brand Innovation Yet

Cheers to being Facebook friends with literally anyone

All you've ever wanted is to make it easier for that too-friendly guy you were too polite to while drunk at that party to stalk you the next day. No? Budweiser Brazil has the solution for you, anyway. The Buddy Cup (not a sexual position) comes with a QR code and built-in chip that connects it to your Facebook profile, so every time you toast some rando at a Bud-sponsored event, they gain instant access to your Facebook life. Because the world needs another uselessly hi-tech advertising innovation, and because the bar for being Facebook friends these days needs to be even more like blinking at a stranger passing on the street. Brought to you by Agencia Africa, which was also responsible for Bud's less idiotic Will.i.am magazine ad that doubled as a vinyl record.