Is This Budweiser Ad Gay?

Some wonder about soldier's story

Some folks think this military-themed Budweiser commercial has a gay vibe, which would put it at odds with most of the brewer's lunk-headedly hetero mass-media advertising. It seems unlikely that any subtle gay subtext was intended. Still, the 60-second spot, from ad agency Anomaly, is open to interpretation. The enlisted guy's homecoming story does focus rather heavily on his clearly close yet undefined relationship with another dude back in the States. Are they significant others, brothers or best friends? Maybe they're best friends with benefits. Isn't that guaranteed by the G.I. Bill of Rights? The absence of bikini-clad babes in a beer commercial is certainly suspicious. Ultimately, his orientation is anybody's guess. But you know what's absolutely gay in this spot? That song on the soundtrack. Yech! Via Gawker.