Bro Chugs a Ton of Tabasco and Vomits in Worst Ad Ever for a Dating App

Ralphing puts everyone in the mood

In what may actually be a decent metaphor for dating, a sweaty, red-faced bro who calls himself the L.A. Beast elected to keep chugging a gallon of hot sauce, even after he'd clearly had enough, until his body turned on him and rejected all the habañero-flavored Tabasco he'd just chugged.

And it's an ad for a dating app?

The 10-minute video below may teach a lesson about perseverance for the single women and men who might check out Hot or Not's dating app. But even with what sounds like inspirational piano and the use of time lapse, we can't imagine too many people sitting through all the vomit. There's a lot of it.

The app, which looks like a carbon copy of Tinder, is deemed by the L.A. Beast himself to be "an ingenious way to pick up the ladies." We can't say the same for the video.

Via Time.