British Organic Dairy Milks It With Insufferable Boy Band

You'll sour on these guys fast

How hard, exactly, does Britain's bucolic West Country rock? Not very, judging by BBH's latest musical marketing for the Yeo Valley organic dairy. The marketer introduces the Churned, a "boy band" that touts the prudent use of our natural resources. The Western World had barely recovered from the brand's 2010 rapping farmers campaign. On Saturday, the Churned will pour it on during a two-minute clip airing on The X Factor in the U.K. Their song "Forever" is available on iTunes. I bought it, and that's 99 cents I'll never get back. Lyrical highlights include, "Family farming has been the driving factor/Plow into the future aboard a shiny tractor." And this epic line: "Listen up, people, take after me/Be a little funky, choose the West Country." Can we get Willie Nelson to give these guys a sustainable beating? Just imagine the four earthy lads on stage: "C'mon, Dorset, put your hooves together!" Still, their brand-driven ballad's fresher than Rebecca Black, who's milked her own 15 minutes too long for my liking.