The bridge is still not for sale

Nypd_1The New York Post is reporting that the city will soon be selling all manner of tchotchkes bearing the logos of various departments, from the Sanitation Department to the Parks Department—even the Taxi & Limousine Commission. And it doesn’t plan to limit selling the stuff to within the five boroughs or even within the U.S. The plan is to go global, with the proceeds benefiting beloved Gotham.

Given the popularity of NYPD and FDNY gear, it’s a pretty savvy idea, and frankly not one every city could pull off.

The Post suggests items the city might sell: NYPD mugs with pictures of the 10 Most Wanted criminals, Parks Department sheets, Department of Transportation alarm clocks (to remind intrepid New York car owners when to move the vehicles).

We’d like to add a few items for the kiddies: a toy New York cab with authentic dents and ripped leather seating, and a miniature garbage truck that makes a hellacious noise and smells up your entire house or apartment.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor