Brewer wisely promotes biking over driving

Cultivator Advertising & Design crafted the pro-biking message above on behalf of New Belgium Brewing Co. in Fort Collins, Colo. The headline, "Work to bike more," sounds like the work of a tipsy copywriter, so it's probably good that he or she doesn't drive a car. (We're told the billboard's placement over PT Motors' "Cash for cars" sign was "fortuitous.") The New Belgium video below shows the tangible benefits of cycling to work: It's often quicker than driving, so you can get to work earlier and enjoy more weird ball-bouncing activities with your hippie co-workers. Employee-owned New Belgium is one of your more eco-friendly brewers across the board. It's wind powered, and it "recycles, reuses or composts 73 percent of its waste stream." All of which sounds vaguely unsanitary, but at least they don't have a giant tub of recycling worker worms out back. My latest AdFreak evaluation said I should "Work to write more," but I'm also into conservation, and couldn't possibly increase my output.

—Posted by David Gianatasio