Brazilian Neutrogena Ad Lets You Wipe the Lipstick Right Off This Actress’s Face

Hands-on way to sell makeup removal product

Here's a nifty way to get the average magazine peruser to put a product sample to good use.

Neutrogena and agency DM9DDB worked with Brazilian weekly Caras to create a special cover featuring actress Giovanna Ewbank. The issue also came with a set of Deep Clean wipes, so readers could rub the makeup off her face.

Studies have shown that when you actually touch and handle a product, you feel a connection to it and are even willing to pay more for it. Or, as DM9's vice president of media Drian Ferguson puts it to Brazilian publication AdNews, "This interactive piece of press gives consumers the power to star in the campaign. They handle the product, test, prove and evaluate the outcome."

Design Culture writer Diogo Mattos, for his part, calls the work an "innovation" that reflects what the future of magazine advertising could look like—specifically in the Brazilian market, where he believes executions like this are few and far between. (Our guess is Hansaplast's foot magazine hasn't made it into print there yet.)

In the Instagram video below, DM9DDB director Vitor Manzi demonstrates the campaign himself. One thing is for sure: The gunk that comes off is definitely true-to-life.

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