This Brand’s Amazing New Logo Responds to Voice and Looks Different to Each Person

Oi's latest branding innovation

Headshot of Tim Nudd

Brands talk endlessly about attention to individual customers. But Brazilian telecom company Oi has extended that idea to its very logo—a shapeshifting mark that responds to sound and looks different to every customers who speaks to it.

"We developed an interactive approach to the identity, experimenting with sound and touch activation, so that there could be as many subtle variations of the Oi logo as there are people who interact with it," says Wolff Olins, the design shop behind it.

Wolff Olins worked with digital art and design studio Onformative on the concept. Onformative built bespoke software that allows anyone to animate the Oi logo with any sound at all—including voice, but other things like music too—and then to save their own unique version based on that sound input.

"As a business we had to evolve to better meet the changing habits and behaviors of our customers," says Eric Albanese, Oi's director of communication and brand. "So we asked Wolff Olins, who created the original Oi brand, to help us adapt it for the next level of growth. They've made it truly responsive to the user and perfectly fit for the digital era."

Here's a video about how it works:

Wolff Olins built a whole new identity around the user-generated logo. "We developed a design system which keeps the customer at the center but feels more contemporary and genuine," says the agency. "The new photography style feels more at home in the world of Instagram and Snapchat. The new typeface and specially designed family of icons add a functional no-nonsense vibe to balance the fluidity of the logo."

In all, the new Oi identity "proudly displays its iconic roots, but it's now firmly future-facing," says Wolff Olins. "Designed for an open, digital world where everyone can be a creator and individuality counts, the Oi brand is much more than a static badge. In stores, in the street, on smartphones and tablets, it's now a living, breathing entity which responds to its environment and the ever-changing needs of its customers." 

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@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.