This Brand Decided to Charge More on Black Friday, and People Loved It

Loyalty allows for a quick price hike

UPDATE: The sales figures are in, and CAH says it did just as well on Black Friday this year as last year—i.e., the price hike didn't hurt sales. But then, they did much better on the Saturday than last year. The brand writes in a blog post: "That might be from people who were waiting to buy the game until it came back down in price, or, more likely, those are sales from people who heard about the game after our Black Friday press."

Original post below:

Most Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals make sure that everyone's aunt gets her memory-foam slippers and reindeer sweater at 50 percent off. But Cards Against Humanity decided to do a completely different promotion this year.

In a Facebook post, it made a strange offer: For a limited time, everything was $5 more!

The promo was well received by its mainly millennial audience. "Please release a promo code so I can get this deal all year round," wrote one fan.

This latest campaign for the party game—following its "12 Days of Holiday Bullshit" promotion—is consistent with the brand's snarky, self-deprecating voice. (If you're on the Cards Against Humanity site and you click a button to tweet about it, the auto-tweet is "This game sucks." The FAQ section has the heading "Your dumb questions.")

On Monday, they announced that the "sale" was over.

Fan responses ranged from "Ugh. Everyday prices. How inconvenient" to "If I wanna pay more, I should be able to pay more! This is the fuckin' U.S. of fuckin' A, dammit!"

It was a fun break in the midst of watching all those Black Friday videos of people throwing down over discounted waffle irons.

Roo Powell is freelance contributor to Adweek.