Boy-band music video sells lab equipment

Collateral Damage sent me a link to this goofy but fairly amusing boy-band-inspired music video for Eppendorf’s epMotion. It’s all about a new automated device or process (or something) for “pipetting,” which involves transporting measured volumes of liquid in research settings. That’s pretty dull material, so kudos to Eppendorf for taking a new tack. (They’ve even dolled it out with wallpaper, a downloadable MP3 and a gallery of behind-the-scenes photos.) Still, if this revives ’N Sync’s career, that would be a crime against science and all that’s holy. (Now, a Hanson reunion we all could enjoy.) When you think about it, the word epMotion does sound kind of musical, almost like the title of a Beck song. When the company lays down some smooth make-out grooves for DualChip GMO Microarrays and Silverquants, then I’ll be impressed.

—Posted by David Gianatasio