Boston/Denver bet has brand-name flavor

The Red Sox are in the World Series, and they won the first game? No wonder I was grabbed by a gang of drunken revelers here in Boston last night and stuffed inside a garbage can. Bad day to wear my Yankees cap, I guess. The mayors of Boston and Denver (home to the rival Colorado Rockies) have made the traditional “good-natured bet” for the Series. Samples of Denver brands like Quiznos subs, Celestial Seasonings teas and Epic Valley salsas will head to Boston if the Sox win, while Legal seafood, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee and Brigham’s ice cream will be shipped to Denver if the Rockies prevail. Of course, it’s all in the name of charity (the goods get donated) and branding, the latter firmly entrenched as America’s true national pastime these days. I don’t care which team wins, as long as that Sox-obsessed D’Angelo’s Steak and Cheese mascot is sent packing. I’m pretty sure he was one of the locals who was banging the can with a bat as I rolled down Beacon Hill.

—Posted by David Gianatasio