Bojangles cooks up baggage-carousel oven

Is a new ploy for Bojangles restaurants a) clever or b) too clever by half? Its agency, Eric Mower and Associates, hit upon the idea of turning a baggage carousel at the airport in Charlotte, N.C. (where Bojangles is headquartered and the agency has an office), into a moving, 3-D ad for the restaurant chain. Thanks to some artfully placed artwork, fresh biscuits seem to be streaming out of a large oven. The idea is that this will whet the appetites of hungry travelers for Bojangles' "Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits." As well it might. The downside is that the biscuit decals will be most visible when there isn't luggage on top of them—i.e., when the people tend to be feeling impatient, if not downright irritable, as they wait for their baggage to emerge. And of course, they'll be obscured when the suitcases and whatnot start coming out, at which point people's mood is apt to improve. Ingenious though the effort may be, are these the kinds of psychological connections a brand would want to make?

—Posted by Mark Dolliver