Bogusky, Roberts, W+K12 rebrand America

This month, Paper magazine asked 15 top "visual communicators" for ideas on how to rebrand America. From the ad world, they got submissions from Crispin's Alex Bogusky, Saatchi's Kevin Roberts and Wieden's in-house ad school W+K12 (which inherited the assignment from Dan Wieden), as well a bonus offering from George Lois. See all of their creations here. Bogusky's three submissions show Che wearing an Obama shirt, an American flag with religious symbols for stars, and an under-construction sign at a U.S. border crossing. Roberts' five ads include several versions of a "U.S. vs. them" idea, as well as an image of the Statue of Liberty giving birth to President Obama. W+K12's six offerings include a nice illustration of a spinal column made up of the 50 states. And Lois whipped up an Obama version of Uncle Sam. The other submissions are interesting, too—particular the obese Ronald McDonald created by our old friend Ron English.

—Posted by Tim Nudd