Bluefly again is caught with its pants down

Blueflyholidaydinners Bluefly is having a holiday caption contest. No surprise: There’s some highly foolish nudity involved. (“Be as funny, sarcastic, or serious as you like! — and we’ll award the one we love the most with this fabulous Gucci bag to strategically place over your parts.”) Look at that ad: She’s sitting at the family supper table—sans pants, of course. Norman Rockwell is spinning in his grave, because that guy really liked pants: No one was ever pant-less in Norman’s world of seasonal cheer. Just look at those silly Bluefly captions some folks came up with: “Pass the buns.” So obvious. “The other white meat.” Dude, it’s taken. “I’ll take a piece from the end.” Puh-lease. What, you don’t see those captions on Bluefly’s site? Yeah, well I guess maybe they’re mine. Grow up, Dave!

—Posted by David Gianatasio