Blake Griffin Slams Poetry, Not Basketballs, for Vizio

We'll sit here with our judging eye in this dark corner

Slam poetry nights can be awkward, but Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin makes it look easy—his specialty in any environment—in a new series of videos for Vizio.

The ads, by David&Goliath, have the basketball star waxing poetic about his bobblehead, his tearaway pants and even his mouthguard. He's got the requisite pauses and sighs down to an art. Still, he probably shouldn't quit his day job.

The clips are part of Vizio's slam dunk poetry campaign, which also includes a nifty feature on its microsite where it will compose a Griffin-esque poem based on your name and an item of your choice. Unfortunately, the power forward isn't available to recite these ditties. (He is available in gif form on this Tumblr, though.)

So, grab yourself a seat at a dimly lit table, order a stiff drink and appreciate these works brought to you by Griffin.

Credits below.


Client: Vizio

Agency: David&Goliath

Founder, Chairman: David Angelo

Chief Creative Officer: Colin Jeffery

Group Creative Directors: Ben Purcell, Steve Yee

Art Director: Mike Cornell

Copywriter: Andy Sciamanna

Head of Production: Carol Lombard

Agency Executive Producers: Curt O’Brien, Christopher Coleman

Group Account Director: Jennifer Mull

Account Supervisor: Kammie Dons

Assistant Account Executive: Karolyne Crowe

Director of Business Affairs: Rodney Pizarro

Associate Business Affairs Manager: Camara Price

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Line Producer: Alejandra Quesada

Head of Production: Elicia Laport

Sales Representative: Shortlist

Editing House: Spinach

Editor: Tony Orcena

Producer: Jonathan Carpio

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Executive Producer: Rachel Koch

Music: Human Music

Sound Design, Mix: Margarita Mix

Sound Engineer: Nathan Dubin