Biz & Andy’s TuneUp ad is truly automagical


Rappers Biz Markie and Andy Milonakis have come together to promote TuneUp, a little program that helps fix missing cover art and track names in your music library. Markie is getting a lot of commercial biz this season — he's also in a fantastic spot for RadioShack (the second one down on that page) — most likely because he's hilarious. In this one-off spot (posted below), he stars as Captain TuneUp, whose superpowers include cleaning your music library "automagically" and making little sound effects. In a way, though, Milonakis is also a superhero. It's just that his only power is looking like a 14-year-old when he's actually 33. Don't laugh, it's a birth defect! No really, it's a hormone growth disorder. Anyhow, the point is, the spot is great not in spite of the low-budget effects but because of them. Plus, they used the word automagical! What more do you need? Via Boing Boing.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers