Bing keeps you from being a blithering idiot

Microsoft and JWT wasted no time in following up their introductory Bing commercial that we wrote about last week. In these three ads, the new "decision engine" is posed as the cure to a new disease called "Search Overload Syndrome," also known as S.O.S. Ha, clever! (Microsoft is all about curing people these days. Its new Internet Explorer spots treat the freaky disorders F.O.M.S. and S.H.Y.N.E.S.S.) Symptoms of S.O.S. include getting distracted by unrelated links and reciting meta tag descriptions in response to loved ones' queries. I like the spots—they're right on Microsoft's brand promises of productivity, efficiency, etc. But I always thought getting lost with other links was part of the fun of Google. (These ads are almost anti-curiosity, actually.) When I think about it, though, I do waste an impressive amount of time exploring unrelated links. If Microsoft could invent Bing-epedia, my productivity could truly soar.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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