Beware the attack bed

BedIf you weren’t injured by a bed in 2001, consider yourself lucky.

Deep within the 1,000-plus pages of the Census Bureau’s newly released 2004-05 Statistical Abstract of the United States, readers can find a compendium of injuries associated with various consumer products and household fixtures. (The statistics are extrapolated from a sampling of hospital emergency-room data from 2001.)

As you’d expect, there were lots of injuries involving saws (93,872), lawn mowers (87,506), skateboards (104,449) and trampolines (91,870). But beds were associated with more injuries than all of those combined (519,001). The report notes that an item’s “involvement” in an injury “does not necessarily mean the product caused the accident.” Nonetheless, we trust that AdFreak readers will regard their beds with a new sense of caution henceforth. Among other leading offenders on the list: stairs/steps (1,087,546), bicycles (546,236), knives (460,580), chairs (314,953) and bathtubs/showers (211,250).

—Posted by Mark Dolliver

Photo: Comstock Images