Betty White Prank Calls People, Ogles Hunk for AARP

AARP has snagged Betty White to front its new campaign telling our seniors to "get over it" and join the retirement organization, even though it might make them feel old. They had her do a wacky telethon spot back in May. But these new spots, from GSD&M, which focus more on how you can be old and still get the most out of life, are far better. In one spot, Betty prank calls a bunch of people for the eff of it. Unlike your usual prank calls made by 15-year-old boys and referencing genitalia, Betty plays off the perception of old people as dotty and confused and comes across as a lovable troublemaker. In a second spot (after the jump), she objectifies a young hunk as he washes her Mercedes-Benz Gullwing. (We know how rich those AARP members are.) Betty is 89, but nothing about her seems old and boring. I only hope I'd one-third as awesome by the time AARP starts harassing me to join.

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