The Best Video Ever About the Sheeplike Insanity of Real-Time Marketing

John St. introduces Reactvertising™

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Ever feel like real-time marketing is all about being first, and not about being good?

You're not alone.

John St., the Toronto agency that regularly produces scathing parody videos about the ad business, just released the hilarious video below about the breakneck pace of marketing today—and how every brand feels the need to react to real-time events within minutes.

As it did with Catvertising™, John St. is now pretending to be running a whole new dedicated unit called Reactvertising™, where it goes to absurd lengths to make sure its clients are clued into current events 24/7 and can react within seconds—indeed, knee-jerk-like—to breaking news.

"Does your agency take hours to respond to the latest trending hashtag or celebrity death?" John St. asks. "Is your brand missing out on being part of the conversation because you're reacting too slow?"

Watch below and see how to get quicker, quality be damned.

A few more videos from the campaign: