Best Buy Turns Geek Squad Into Human Backpacks

Wearing other humans is OK for a change

Crispin Porter + Bogusky has taken Best Buy's Geek Squad, removed them from their adorable little black-and-white Volkswagen Beetles, and turned them into human backpacks for the chain's latest back-to-school effort. Somehow, CP+B has managed to make wearing another human—a staple of horror movies—into something cute and almost sweet. This is particularly true in the first execution below, where "I Got Your Back" by Andrew Simple plays—the xylophone tinkling merrily in the background as our young college protagonist hangs his human baggage on the coat hook in his dorm. (Hanging people on hooks is also horror movie territory.) It's sweet that Best Buy will be with you everywhere, whenever you use your PC at college. Just turn your backpack to the door when you're wacking off. It's common courtesy. Second spot after the jump.