Best Buy tests new logo at Mall of America

Best Buy is trying out a new logo and brand image aimed at classing up the joint a bit. I know, it’s hard to imagine anything classier than a two-story, canary-yellow price tag, but apparently it’s possible. The new logo first appeared in August with the opening of a new Best Buy location in Minnesota’s Mall of America. For now, it’s just a one-store test. "Our intent is to get learning in an open way, not necessarily to ‘roll out’ anything in that store," Best Buy CMO Barry Judge writes on his blog. "I need to emphasize that we have not decided to iterate our logo." According to Brand New, the font is a modified Klavika, if you care about such things. If response to the new look is positive, maybe Best Buy will consider a few more ways to go upscale. A good start might be to quit badgering me about extended warranties like I’m some rube from Glengarry Glen Ross.

—Posted by David Griner