The best (and very worst) of AdFreak, 2008

Most Geographically Inaccurate Ad: Absolut.

This local ad out of Mexico City that redrew the border between the U.S. and Mexico (handing a huge swath of the former back to the latter) didn’t go over too well stateside. But Absolut did have history on its side. As one reader noted: “Since when did it become insulting to depict historically correct maps?”

Most Sacrilegious Ad: Björn Borg.

London and Washington, D.C., had their pro-atheism bus-advertising campaigns. But Swedish clothier Björn Borg takes the honors in this category with this ad showing a female priest marrying two male priests, who then kiss—breaking an untold number of Commandments.

Ads to Which the PTC Overreacted the Most: Gossip Girl.

The Parents Television Council complained about a lot in 2008, but Gossip Girl‘s OMFG campaign pushed it over the edge. It railed against the show’s “deliberate use of profanity and sexual imagery to exploit and corrupt young viewers.” But the WB had the last laugh, using the PTC’s description of the show as “mind-blowingly inappropriate” in a later Gossip Girl ad.

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