The best (and very worst) of AdFreak, 2008

Best Comeback: The “Whassup?” guys.

Charles Stone and the rest of the gang from the old “Whassup?” Bud commercials returned this year for a special pro-Obama election-themed spoof of their original ad. The last eight years were rough on them, but things are turning around. “Change. That’s whassup.”

Best Celebrity Endorsement: Gary Busey for GotVMail.

For pure entertainment value, no one could touch Busey, who offered manic, nonsensical business tips in a staggering 40 spots for GotVMail. Wrote one reader: “Truly crazy or acting crazy … he is funny.” Of course, it’s still unclear just what GotVMail is.

Worst Celebrity Endorsement: Ed McMahon for FreeCreditReport.

His rap video was little more than a sad exercise in self-debasement. Wrote one reader: “It’s amazing what they can do with dead people nowadays.”

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