Bertolli Makes the Most of Barilla Chairman’s Anti-Gay Comments

Pro-gay posts in social media

Barilla is struggling enough this week without its competitors piling on. But Bertolli doesn't care. Seizing on comments made by Barilla's chairman about how the company would never put gay couples in its advertising, Bertolli Germany quickly posted pro-gay imagery in its social feeds, happily taking advantage of its rival's misstep. "Love and pasta for all!" reads the caption on the Facebook photo above. "We just wanted to spread the news that Bertolli welcomes everyone, especially those with an empty stomach," a rep for Orca im Hafen, Bertolli's social-media agency in Germany, tells AdFreak. So far, Bertolli has not taken similar steps in the U.S., but the brand has been gay-friendly here for years, too. Check out the spot below from a couple of years back.

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.