Beer Ad Has Solution to Pestering Girlfriends

This Andes beer spot, from Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi in Argentina, shows guys at a bar using a high-tech contraption—a sound-proof "Teletransporter" with all manner of sound effects piped in—to convince their annoying girlfriends when they call that they're not, in fact, at the bar. But it raises more questions than it answers. For starters, wouldn't the girlfriends know about these machines already? Seems like something that would be all over the news! Also, what kind of person uses the hospital as an alibi for anything? That's the easiest bluff in the world to call. And when she does call it, he'll be in the hospital for sure. UPDATE: Here's the Web site of the Teletransporter. And yes, the agency apparently installed these things around the city of Mendoza. Presumably the grainy footage of the guys is real footage, too.

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