BBH Made a Onesie That Explains the Steps of Baby CPR Right on the Front

With St. John Ambulance and Tesco

A star is born!

The infant in this BBH London campaign for first aid awareness group St. John Ambulance is quite the thespian. Little Lucy turns in a powerful performance, plugging the availability—today only, Oct. 13—of a free babygrow (a kind of stretchy onesie) at select Tesco stores throughout the U.K.

This particular bodysuit is designed to teach parents what to do if their baby stops breathing. Its front is decorated with a colorful reminder of the proper procedure to follow after first calling an ambulance—five puffs of air into baby's mouth, then 30 pumps on the chest, followed by two puffs and 30 pumps repeated.

Lucy spells it out in the spot below. Sure, the kid's diction needs some work, but you'll get the message loud and clear:

Critics are just drooling over her debut! And BBH reports that Lucy was no diva on set (though she was spotted hitting the bottle between takes).

St. John is suggesting a £3 donation for the garment, which features a cartoon illustration of Humpty Dumpty, fresh off his tuneful triumph in St. John's nursery rhyme PSA from a few months back. (That campaign has saved at least one baby's life. Alex McHugh, a young mom from Wigan in northwest England, said she used the baby CPR technique shown in the spot to revive her 7-week-old son Joel after he stopped breathing.)

In fact, that ad inspired the onesie—and the presence of both St. John and Tesco on the BBH roster proved the perfect combination for bringing the concept to life.

"The characters [from the rhyming spot] lent themselves perfectly to being used in the real world of newborn babies," says BBH deputy executive creative director Ian Heartfield. "This meant we could put the instructions right in the hands of Mum and Dad, literally, while still having a cute item of clothing they'll want to dress their newborn in."

Client: St. John Ambulance
Director of Brand Marketing, Communications and Fundraising: Steve Conway
Head of Brand and Communications: Emma Sheppard
BBH Creative Team: Fred Rodwell and Andy Parsons
BBH Deputy Executive Creative Director: Ian Heartfield
BBH Strategist: Alana King
BBH Strategy Director: Rowenna Prest
BBH Business Lead: Jon Barnes
BBH Account Director: Emma Johnston-Donne
BBH Account Manager: Louisa Steele
BBH Producer: Billy Dupée
Production Co.: Hangar 7
Director: Matt Carroll
Producer: Lucy Anderson
DoP: Alex Frois
Music: Ed Marquis
Illustrator: Joseph Pelling