Battle of the sweeteners gets a bit tart

Equal: “Hey Splenda, your product isn’t natural, so quit saying it is.” Splenda: “WTF, it is too. You need sugar to make sweetener.” “Equal: “Oh, now it’s ON.” Dave: “I cannot believe people actually argue about shit like this.” The preceding was a summary of the current verbal scuffle between Equal and Splenda, which will be contested in court in Philadelphia. Really, it’s less a legitimate beef over advertising and more a struggle for control over the sweetener racket, a fiercely competitive industry that, until Splenda started putting on airs, was dominated by Equal. So this is more than just some petty slapfight. This is a petty slapfight between two companies who produce fake sugar, with billions at stake. I can’t wait to see the jury.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

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