This Bank Found a Way for Men to Browse Pinterest Without Feeling Ashamed

Make it look like you're browsing sports, meat and power tools!

How tough is it to scout for pillow shams and window treatments, Mr. New Homeowner, while keeping your manhood intact? Extremely difficult, if not downright impossible, on chick-dominated Pinterest.

FirstBank of Lakewood, Colo., wants to help you unleash your inner Martha Stewart while disguising the whole House Beautiful jag as a much more manly exercise. Just download a browser extension—themes include sports, meat and power tools—and "manoflage" your Pinterest page. So, while you're actually considering color schemes and area rugs, it'll appear to nosy friends or co-workers that you're shopping for drill bits or ogling raw beef. Instant stamp of approval from anyone mired in gender stereotypes!

The digital campaign comes from ad agency TDA_Boulder, and its intro video will run as paid pre-roll on sites like Hulu and YuMe. There's a dedicated site for the free software, which is also available at the App Store.

Decorate to your heart's content, dude.

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