Bad news all around for chocolate lovers

There’s an enormous 4.5-ounce Cadbury’s Fruit & Nut bar just sitting on the dresser here in my apartment, but I will not be tempted, not after reading The Consumerist this morning: “A team of psychiatrists just discovered that any uplifting effects of chocolate are pretty much limited to the anticipation and the taste, but the carbohydrates in chocolate actually prolong depression.” That’s the last thing my dysphoric mood needs this morning. (You can read the original report here.) And there’s more sad news. Judging by the before-and-after ad shown here, from DDB Belgium (via Ads of the World), chocolate condoms are not the guilt-free pleasure you thought they were. I’m relieved, at least, not to have any of those on my dresser. UPDATE: In other condom news, check out Durex Dickorations, a great site that includes downloads, testimonials and lines like, “A Durex penis is a superpower in your pants.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd