Back to you in the studio, anchor-babe

“One of the last sacred grounds of integrity in local television is the local newsroom, so I guess I would say I’m disappointed to see a station … that has evidently sold its integrity,” Brad Streit, general manager at KLTV in Tyler, Texas, tells The Hollywood Reporter about rival KYTX’s participation in Fox’s upcoming reality series Anchorwoman. Swimsuit model Lauren Jones has been undergoing “intensive training in how to read a TelePrompTer” and do other journalistic things, KYTX says. (Her resume includes WWE wrestling and a soap opera, which is probably more experience than most TV news professionals can claim.) KYTX GM Phil Hurley looks at it this way: “Journalism credibility? I think that’s somewhat amusing when all I see today on the cable news is Paris Hilton.” He did draw the line at having Jones wear a bikini, saying, “we don’t have any anchors that do the news in a bikini.” Even Stormy the Weather Dog keeps his collar on.

—Posted by David Gianatasio