'Baby Got Back' Is Back Again, This Time in a Charmin Commercial

Brand enjoys the go, and big butts

In the annals of advertising, there are some songs we just keep coming back to. "Baby Got Back" is one of them. From hawking Burger King's SpongeBob meal to bustin' out the D-grade talent for Butterfinger, Sir Mix-a-Lot's timeless 1992 ode to wide rears is basically an advertising supersong. Still, I didn't see a brand like Charmin leveraging the ditty by taking its tubby animated bears and having them break into the worm from the unmitigated joy that comes from having a nice clean ass. Clearly, Charmin itself is a little shocked, which is why the latter half of the video consists of the red bear staring with disbelief at the breakdancing, ass-slapping blue bear. I mean, you can "Enjoy the go," and then you can revel in Rabelaisian ecstasy. Anyhow, if you like big prizes, you can like Charmin on Facebook and partake in the Charmin Baby Got Back Sweepstakes.