Axl Rose and Dr Pepper deserve each other

Having written about Dr Pepper's infamous Guns N' Roses promotion before, we should come full circle with the latest about it. As you've surely heard, GNR has filed a lawsuit demanding that Dr Pepper make good on its promise to give everyone in America a free soda now that Axl Rose has finished his masterpiece, 17 years in the making. Dr Pepper's attempts to pay up, via a coupon on its Web site, failed when the site crashed. Fans then flamed the band—and specifically Axl. I think it's just misdirected anger over the dreadlocks, but GNR still wants an apology. At the same time, Axl is being accused of attacking China with this new album, and record execs are blaming the record's poor reception on Axl's disappearing act over the last few weeks. I don't know about you, but Axl just made first pick for my Fantasy PR Team.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers